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2013 No. 3

GL Cost Buried in Payroll Burden

Contingency Buried in Sub-Contracts

Manipulated Bid Packages

Captive Insurance Companies

Hierarchy of Documents


2013 No. 2

Auditing Payroll Burden Costs

Payroll Benefits

Health Insurance

Vacation Pay and Other Time Off

Retirement Cost

Re-Rentals from Affiliated Entities


2013 No. 1

Auditing Payroll Burden Costs

Payroll Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

General Liability

How Do I Know If An OCIP Is Right For Me?


2012 No. 2

Auditing Payroll Burden Costs

Ignoring the Obvious

Charging for the Insurance Deductible


2012 No. 1

Manipulating Bid Packages

When Self Performed Work Isn't Self Performed

You Think the GC Just Bought SubGuard

Should All Insurance Deductibles be Included in Fee?

What is Needed to Arrive at a GMP?

Retirement of a CCM Original - David Butler


2010 No. 2

Profit Centers and Fee Enhancement


General Liability and Umbrella Insurance

Payroll Burden

Shifting Overhead Costs to Job Cost

Shared Savings

Early Completion Bonus

Self-Performed Work and Fee

Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP)

CCM News

2010 No. 1

No End to Creativity

A Subguard Insurance Certificate

Allowance Reconciliation

The Fee is Just the Beginning

How Long?

2009 No. 2

Further Perils of Allowing Self-Performed Work

Recruiting Charges

Problems with Allowing Fixed Hourly Rates for Salaried Employees

Another Reason Why We Are Concerned About Construction Managers Using SubGuard

When the Owner's Development Partner is Also the GM/GC

2009 No. 1

Audit Concerns in a Shrinking Construction Market


2008 No. 2

Is the CM's Total Fee Earned When Terminated After Preconstruction?

Auditing the Contractor's Sub Bids Prior to Agreeing to a GMP with a Shared Saving

Have You Agreed to Bonuses for CM Employees?

A Little Detail Never Hurts

You Can't Have Our Job Cost Reports

2008 No. 1

What Do We Audit in a GMP Contract?

Some New CCIP Overcharges

2007 No. 2

"Mutually Agreeable" Audit Firm

SubGuard and Payment and Performance Bonds

When is a Lease Not a Lease?

Impossible to Tell

Savings Sharing on Contingency?

Fee on Change Orders

2007 No. 1

CCM Adds Experience

Should Lump Sum Agreements Within the GMP be Auditable?

Why Did We Ask for Labor Rates?

What Does Project GL Insurance Cost?

2006 No. 2

Website Update

Contractor Controlled Insurance Program Cost

Sub Bids Are Not Accounting Records

Affiliates of Contractors Working for Subcontractors

Are You Paying Subguard and Sub Bonds?

2006 No. 1

Are You Writing About Me?

Billing GL Insurance Upfront

OCIP Credits Need to Match Estimated Cost

Deductive Change Orders that Never Complete

Who Pays for Accelerating the Schedule?

Problems with Billing for Mobilization

2005 No. 3

What Kind of Insurance is Reimbursable?

Shared Savings or Contractor’s Windfall?

What Insurance Are You Buying with Subguard?

Should Your Contractor Help You Prepare a Property Loss Claim?

You Asked About Subsidiaries not Affiliates

2005 No. 2

Top Lists of Don’ts

Seen it All?

Can’t Rely on Policy Rates

So You Want to fix Payroll Burden Rates?

2005 No. 1

What is the Contractors Incentive not to Overcharge

Two Faced Contractor Arguments

Should We Audit?

2004 No. 1

Are Union Benefits Wages?

Are you Contracting with a Joint Venture?

Equipment Charged at Weekly Rates

Sick Leave - Actual vs. Allowed

Texas Payment and Performance Bond Rebate

Don’t Send Me the Backup

Should Contractors be Responsible for Allowance Overruns?

Additional Fee for Self-Performed Work

2003 No. 1

Higher Contractor Insurance Deductibles

Final Accounting before Final Payment

Contradictory Exhibits

Rental Equipment Costs- Total Duration or Actual Usage

What do you mean by “Data Processing”?

2002 No. 2

Be on Guard for Subguard

Subcontractor Change Orders Without Totals

Additional Fee for Self-Performed Work

Should Contractors be Responsible for Allowance Overruns?

2002 No. 1

Change Order Pricing

General Liability Insurance and Fee

Recruitment Costs

Variable and Verifiable Cost

Payments Made Outside the Contract

Fix the Rate, It’s Too Hard to Audit

2001 No. 1

Market Rate Payroll Burden

Defining Allowances

Defining When Pre-Construction Begins

Lease Construction Audits

We Don’t Have Any Apprentices

2000 No. 2

Andersen Construction Impresses Again

Off the Record Insurance Settlements

Unit Rates and their Limitations

Should Your Contractor Have Auditor Approval Rights?

Should You Audit the GMP Before You Sign?

Related Parties

2000 No. 1

General Conditions Costs Associated with Delay

Apprentices and T&M Work

No Backcharges to Subcontractors

Overstatement of Retirement Cost

Pre-Construction Audits

1999 No. 1

Contractors Home Office Employees and Office Expense

Does Your Contractor Do a Good Job of Subcontracting?

Penalty for Audit Findings

Construction Cost Prior to Contract Award

Relocation Expense Limitation

1998 No. 1

Self-Insurance Costs

Related Party Subcontractors

Negotiating from Strength

1997 No. 2

Liquidated Damages – Uses and Limitations

Lump Sum General Conditions

1997 No. 1

Deductive Fee on CO’s

Consultant Reimbursable Costs

Hidden Temporary Employees

Maintenance Contracts