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CCM Consulting Group offers a wide range of services for the construction owner. Our services cover the entire construction cycle, including contract negotiations, contract and bid evaluations, review of pay applications and change orders, interim audits, calculation of scheduled damages, and completion audits to determine savings and savings allocations.

Audit Services

Pre-Construction Audits
During-Construction Audits
Post Construction Audits

Consulting Services

Peer Estimates
Construction Contract Review


In addition to our premium services, we also offer the following:

General Contract Review

This type of review will improve definitions and tighten existing contract clauses when using either a standard form of agreement or other. This also helps prevent subsequent misinterpretations vague contract clauses.

In-House Training

We provide assistance in training and developing field office personnel. Areas include review of monthly pay applications from contractors, detection of non-reimbursables in billings, checking for billings that exceed costs, and verification of proper payment credits from contractor.

Claim Review

CCM Consulting Group can be an integral part of your claim review team. We will evaluate claim documents, review the Owner's documents, and audit the contractor's records. With legal counsel and construction management, we will review the contract documents thoroughly, check for proper support for all claimed costs, reconfirm calculations used in claim documentation, prepare chronological analysis of sequence of events, interview appropriate job personnel, and develop a negotiating strategy and plan.

Non-Construction Contract Compliance Audits

We address concerns on negotiated time and material (T&M) contracts and verify supplier's compliance with contract terms. Types of contracts include landscaping, environmental services, building maintenance, cafeteria, snow removal and insurance brokerage costs.

Design Professional Audits

We review the cost and billings from your design professionals whether they are architects or engineering firms. This audit includes review of the cost of payroll, overhead calculations and the actual cost of reimbursable billings to ensure compliance with contract terms.