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Review Monthly Pay Applications

Objective: Verify that costs billed to the Owner are reimbursable per the terms of the contract and billings do not significantly exceed costs.

Audit Change Orders

Objective: Confirm that change orders represent legitimate changes in the scope of the work and are priced according to the terms of the contract. The audits are not limited to general contractor cost, but include review of subcontractor labor and material costs as well.

Interim Audits

Objective: Appraise, on an interim basis, that costs are reimbursable according to the terms of the contract and that the guaranteed maximum contract price is not overstated. This review is usually conducted on larger jobs (over $10 Million), due to the size and complexity of the contracts. We recommend an interim audit be followed by an audit at project completion.

Job-Site Representative

Objective: Ensure thorough training of your employees or cost control representative on the project site so that during the construction process, controls are in place to protect you from waste, neglect, and lack of attention to the terms of the contract by the contractor. We will work with the contractor to install proper cost control procedures to protect you, and train your personnel to administer and enforce those procedures.

Insurance Program Cost Reviews & Administration

Objective: Review the costs and administration of Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP) with the goal of ensuring that administration is at the least cost and all allowable savings are accruing to the project owner.


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